Project monitoring refers to the process of keeping a close eye on the progress of a project. It involves regularly tracking and assessing various factors like timelines, budget, resources, and quality to ensure the completion schedule is on track.

On the other hand, project control involves taking proactive measures to steer the project in the right direction. This includes implementing suitable strategies to address any issues that arise, making necessary and permissible adjustments to the plan, and ensuring that project objectives are met.


PlanHigh Project Management Consultants is a leading provider of monitoring and controlling in project management in Thane, India. We offer a comprehensive range of services, including project planning, scheduling, budgeting, monitoring, and control. We also offer project auditing services to help our clients identify and address any potential problems with their projects.

We also offer project auditing services to help our clients identify and address any potential problems with their projects. Our project audits typically cover the following areas:

  • Review and validation of Approval Status:

    This involves assessing the status of necessary approvals and permits for a project, ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

  • Reviewing project progress w.r.t. Business Plan:

    We regularly evaluate the progress of a project in relation to the approved business plan, and ensure its alignment with goals and targets.

  • Estimating Time and cost to completion:

    We assess the anticipated time and cost required to complete a project, thus helping with effective planning and resource allocation.

  • Receivables Management review:


    Reviewing the status of project receivables, tracking payments from clients or customers, and implementing strategies to manage and minimize outstanding payments.

  • Reviewing contracts and procurement:

    Careful examination of contracts and procurement processes are done by us to ensure compliance with legal and industry standards, minimizing risks and optimizing project outcomes.

  • Review of costs incurred w.r.t. Business Plan:

    Analysis of project costs and expenses incurred is undertaken, and compared to the projected budget outlined in the business plan.

  • Overviewing costing and safety:


    Overseeing the cost estimation process while ensuring that safety measures and protocols are implemented to safeguard workers and stakeholders.

  • Risk profiling:

    Identifying and assessing potential risks and uncertainties that may impact the project are an important task by implementing proactive risk management strategies.

  • Business Plan Overview:

    Providing a comprehensive review and assessment of the business plan, evaluating its feasibility, market potential, and financial projections are some of the services provided by us.

  • Financial and Sales Monitoring:

    Monitoring financial aspects of the project, including budget management, cash flow, and sales performance, ensuring financial stability and profitability is our critical area.

  • Construction Payment Monitoring:

    Monitoring of payment processes for construction related activities are undertaken, to ensure timely and accurate payments to contractors and suppliers.