Project Design Brings Your Dreams to Life

To build a project according to your dream and owning it is a proud moment for everyone. In Every Commercial and residential project architecture plays a vital role in bringing your visions to life. Building a project does not ends with placing building blocks haphazardly but it involves planning, designing, coordinating and accomplishing the task in an effective and efficient way. This will save a lot of time and money. Vastushilp Architects, Thane explains unique concept of project design feasibility which not only bring our dream on paper but also tell you to make it more efficient and commercial viable.

Space utilization

Project architects know about the value of space. Every house/apartment/building owners need differs and it depends mostly upon the components / target customer /self use. Project architecture meticulously designs the space according to the requirements. The experience of the architects in this field and expertise knowledge about maximum utilization of space without sacrificing the elegance comes in handy.

Different style

Designing your dream abode has no limitations. The client may be a single self use owner who is interested in owning a Spanish style house, a traditional Kerala style house, an Italian or French design as other choices or he may be a developer who dreams for small to large scale project which not only consist of the different residential and commercial buildings design uniquely with eye-catching landscape design. As we have wide knowledge in these styles, we can design houses according to the style the clients prefer. We as Vastushilp Architect take utmost care to match the exterior style with the interior layouts. We considers functionality and viability of the house or project as an important factor while designing different styles.

Bespoke designs

A design may be a modern or contemporary one. Whatever may be the design and style, residential architect considers client’s involvement in the project as an important aspect. Designing from living room to bathroom and customizing each space according to the lifestyle, requirements, budget and the taste of the members makes residential architecture a unique option. While customizing, the utility and functionality factors are given importance without sacrificing the elegance and aesthetics.

Value appreciation

Building designs are not just about constructing walls but it also should appreciate the value of the house. We as Vastushilp architects always believe that the value of the property can be increased by efficient design. From landscape architecture to interior designing, executing the minute details will definitely increase the value of your house or project.

Expert knowledge

This can be considered as an important factor in residential architecture. Knowledge in this field is definitely an added advantage for a smooth project completion. Understanding of the client needs, preparation of appropriate designs, budget limits and planning according to the financial availability, communication skills, problem solving efficiency, alternate solutions at any point of the project are some of the natural skills a residential architect possesses. This can be utilized by the client for an outstanding output. The residential architect’s other essential qualities, but not limited to, are

  • Abiding according to laws and regulations
  • Supervising the project progress
  • Communicating at different stages of the project
  • Dispute handling
  • Building energy efficient, safe, and environment friendly buildings by adopting latest and modern techniques

We as Vastushilp architect endeavour to bring vision to life is possible only by closely interacting with the clients and understanding their needs carefully. Delivery quality results exceeding their expectation and dedication in the project will yield client satisfaction and this will be a sure encouraging factor for an architect to grow.


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